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Utilizing the Power of GigCX to Transform Your Customer Experience

Featuring eBay and Zwift’s GigCX stories

Listen to this 1-hour webinar to hear Megan Neale of Limitless, Chad McDaniel of Execs In the Know, Sholto Mee (Senior Director Global Service Strategy, Innovation & Design at eBay), and Jackie Craver (Vice President, Community Support at Zwift discuss their experiences of Gig Customer Service (GigCX).

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In the webinar we cover:

  • Megan Neale – COO, Limitless briefly explains how GigCX works, the benefits it brings, and later explores the key insights from our 2021 GigCX Report.
  • Sholto Mee – eBay discusses eBay’s award-winning GigCX program, that connects their best performing sellers with other sellers looking for advice and coaching.
  • Jackie Craver – Zwift delves into how Zwift’s community of GigCX Experts has helped other Zwifters keep on track on their at-home, virtual cycling and running app.
  • Q&A – our intrigued audience grill our panel on topics such as knowledge bases, gaining internal buy-in, and keeping Experts engaged.

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