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Are you GigCX ready?

This 1 hour webinar explores how GigCX is better for the customer, the organisation and the gig experts delivering the service. We also explore how GigCX can be leveraged for business continuity, enabling your agents to work from the security of their homes as well as share insights from the first-ever GigCX report.

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In the webinar we cover:

  • What is GigCX – Megan Neale COO & Co-founder, Limitless will explain in more detail what the GigCX economy is and the benefits it brings across the board.
  • Aileen Allkins – Corporate VP, Customer Service and Support at Microsoft discusses how businesses are leveraging GigCX to innovate their customer service operations.
  • Mike Havard – Chairman of Ember will discuss how organisations can modernise their service and support operations to stay ahead of the curve.
  • GigCX for Business Continuity – see how you can maintain ‘business as usual’ by using GigCX to empower your agents to work from anywhere.
  • Learn more about the GigCX pioneers and workforce – who are they? Why do they choose to gig? And what do they love about it? Hear the insights in our GigCX report.

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