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FREE GigCX Suitability Analysis 

Is your organization ready for GigCX?

The Gig Suitability Analysis (GSA) is a framework delivered by the Limitless Solutions team to help organizations identify what customer service use cases are suitable for GigCX.

The output of the analysis will focus initially on what would be in scope for a Phase 1 "Proof of Concept" approach, as well as what a future GigCX roadmap could look like for your organization.

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Gig Suitability Analysis 1
Gig Suitability Analysis 2
Gig Suitability Analysis 3

More about the GigCX Suitability Analysis:

GigCX Experts can do anything an agent can. This is achieved by integrating our platform with existing contact channels and by enabling secure access to internal systems and the handling of PII data through appropriate verification and certification.

The output of this exercise will also inform a wider business case, as we look to help you improve your customers service by adopting GigCX in other areas of your customer service operation. 

GigCX has the potential to significantly impact organizations' customer service, provided the contact types and volumes are appropriate. After analysis, we can provide you with free consultative advice on whether GigCX is suitable for your organization. 


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