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2022 Gig Customer Experience Report

Download your free copy of the Gig Customer Experience (GigCX®) report, featuring insights from 15 global CX leaders from companies like Microsoft, Genesys and Forrester, and the results from a survey of 400+ Customer Experience Experts and 600+ GigCX Experts.

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2022 GigCX Report

What you’ll find in the report:

  • New trends in customer experience and challenges of some of the world's biggest brands.
  • Insights from 400+ CX leaders on the factors that make GigCX the next big thing in customer experience.
  • A look at those who make up the GigCX crowd — who they are, and why they gig.
  • A peek at the future of GigCX — predictions from 15 CX leaders about how far GigCX can go, and what the future customer service model looks like.

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