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2023 Gig Customer Experience Report

Get your copy of the exclusive Gig Customer Experience (GigCX®) report now! Delve into the minds of 17 prominent CX leaders hailing from renowned companies like McKinsey, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, and more. Gain valuable insights from a comprehensive survey of over 400 Customer Experience Experts and 600 GigCX Experts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your understanding of the evolving customer landscape. Download your complimentary copy today!

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SS4 GigCX Report 2023

What you’ll find in the report:

  • New trends in customer experience and challenges of some of the world's biggest brands.
  • Insights from 400+ CX leaders on the factors that make GigCX the next big thing in customer experience.
  • A look at those who make up the GigCX crowd — who they are, and why they gig.
  • A peek at the future of GigCX — predictions from 17 CX leaders about how far GigCX can go, and what the future customer service model looks like.

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