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2021 Gig Customer Service Report

Download our annual Gig Customer Service (GigCX) report featuring insights from 15 global CX leaders from brands such as Microsoft, Genesys and Deloitte, and the results from our survey of over 600 GigCX Experts.

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What you’ll find in the report:

  • Meet the GigCX crowd – we surveyed over 600 GigCX Experts to find out who they are, and why they do it.
  • What’s driving the growth of GigCX? – insights from our leaders on the factors that drove them towards GigCX.
  • What obstacles remain? – we tackle the challenges still faced by brands who use GigCX.
  • The future of GigCX – predictions from our 15 CX leaders about how far GigCX can go, and what the future customer service model looks like.

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